Getting Those Lovely Little Links To Come To You (Link Baiting)


Link Baiting

How do you get other websites to want to link to yours? By providing what we call “bait;” content of various forms on your websites that is so enticing or interesting that other website owners just have to link to you.

4Here’s a list of link baits that work consistently well…

Run Contests – The key here is to make your contest vote-based. For example, you ask entrants to submit their best answer to a question, and then you allow readers to do the voting. Not only can this become viral – those who enter are also likely to blog about it to their readers, thus providing links to your website.

Egobait – Appealing to the ego of others is a dynamite way to get links. Consider making a list of top movers and shakers in your industry, much like the Forbes 500 (only perhaps not quite that long.) Then contact each person on the list to let them know they made the cut. Odds are every person on your list will then link back to you.

Interviews – Again we’re appealing to the ego, only this time it’s on a one to one basis. Ask for and publish interviews from the influential people in your niche and you can be almost certain you’ll get not just a link from them, but from other websites as well.

Business Links – Join places like the Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau because they will link to you. Then get your business partners and other non-competing businesses to link to you as well. Anyone you do business with as well as any association that you’re a part of will likely place your link on their website.



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