Effective Marketing Through Desires


3Effective Marketing Through Desires

Satisfy a desire in your prospect and you’ve got a customer. Satisfy 2 or 3 desires and you’ve got a customer for life. Below I’ve made a list of what you might call universal desires that you can add into your marketing to sell more products and services, easily.

You’ll notice they tend to overlap in places – that’s natural since you can’t truly separate one from the next. No doubt I’ve missed a few, but these are the big ones that cause people to reach into their pockets and gladly, happily and sometimes giddily hand you their credit cards.

How to use these: Take a look at the product you’re about to promote, and ask yourself which of these desires it fulfills. Then compose your marketing message accordingly.

For example, a wrinkle cream helps your prospect to have an attractive appearance. It can also help in attracting others, possibly leading to romance. You could even make a case for popularity and certainly for self-confidence. But it’s best to focus on the main benefit, with a light sprinkling of the lesser benefits. This creates a stronger marketing message and a clearer voice in your advertising.



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