Don’t Buy Until You’re Ready to APPLY


Don’t Buy Until You’re Ready to APPLY

Don’t buy an Internet Marketing product unless you know you’re going to use at least one piece of information inside that product immediately.

For example, you’re creating a forum and you see a product on how to get people really active inside your forum and you know you’ll use that product immediately, so you buy it. You’re making your money back on that product almost immediately.

But then you see a great looking product on how to do webinars, but you don’t do webinars and you have no immediate plans to do any in the future. Should you buy it? After all, you may use it down the road and you may make money from it, right? I think you already know the answer from your past experiences – don’t buy it.

All you have to do is look at your hard drive at all the products you’ve purchased in the past that you haven’t touched to know that unless you’re going to use the product immediately, odds are very good you will never use it.

Because what happens? A year from now you decide to do webinars.



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